for fresh cosmetics



is an exclusive refrigerator
in which you can keep your valuable cosmetics fresh.

Pamper your skin with fresh cosmetics

pulse your skin with fresh shock

increase the skin-blood circulation

stimulate your micro skin muscles

take up of nourishing ingredients

Have your daily face lifting at home

Newly developed technology

Machine technology is combined with the finest of hand crafted applications for an elegant and stylish product
- Made in Germany -

State-of-the-art cooling, insulation, ventilation and electronics ensure that the refrigerator reliably and quietly cools at a steady temperature of 8° C.
The hinges, sealing and magnetic locking technology have been newly developed.

Individual exclusive design

COOL M - handmade from stainless steel

You choose: either from a classic stainless steel look or select a customized color, from the Mercedes color palette, to match your luxurious bathroom finish.

Luxury pure!

We particulary like working with Swarowski crystals to give our refrigerators that special, distinctive look. The crystals are applied by hand using a specialized process.
We are happy to accomodate your special wishes.
Please ask us for assistance!


can be placed in your bathroom

where you keep your cosmetics at hand.
It is water spray resistant and will not rust.
The logo dimensions ensure that it can be placed in any space:
width 185 mm, depth 182 mm, height 255 mm.

You can place more than one refrigerator on top of each other for even more space.


The face of


Andrea Martsch-Eschweiler, born in 1961, comes from an extended German family and grew up in the heart of the Münsterland region. Her father was manager of a bank, hence after obtaining her A-levels she followed in his footsteps and began her training at Deutsche Bank. After successful completion she changed profession and studied architecture and interior design at renowned Lippe/Detmold University, where she obtained a degree in engineering. Several years of professional experience and a few semesters of industrial engineering at the University of Bielefeld followed. After her marriage and the birth of her two daughters she began medical training and became an alternative practicioner. In 2008 Andrea Martsch-Eschweiler started her own company design40, a company with a twist: it combined her competencies in both architecture and wellbeing. This multidisciplinary approach finally led to formation of the company MARTAdesign and the launch of COOL M. From now on you can keep your cosmetics fresh in your bathroom in a beautiful fridge, designed according to your own imagination.


Dipl.Ing. Andrea Martsch-Eschweiler
mobile +49 175 276 7990